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A bit about me (Alison)


It is hard not to sound like other obsessed chefs, and i am obsessed about food, but in a deeply passionate way. I have loved food ever since i could talk, i converted my dolls house into a restaurant when i was four and would make salads for my brothers with pine needles, mums precious flowers and of course a scattering of mud.Well my cooking has evolved since then and my endless pleasure has only grown in making people smile and feel comforted by the food i cook. I feel as though i am on a bit of a mission at the moment. I have done the “cheffy ” thing all my adult life and it has given me so much pleasure. I love kitchens, i love the stress, the people and i love meeting the suppliers who painstakingly produce such beautiful products.Maybe with my gaining of age or maybe it is being a Mother (which by the way i have three little darlings) i am just feeling the majority of the public are getting pushed out of the kitchen. People are too busy, cooking seems a lot of work etc. It truly doesn’t have to be like that! If i can help you cook with what is in season, it will not only make food taste better but it will be easier on your pocket.

I am also getting back to basic’s! My husband and i live in the suburbs here in Dunedin. The property is steep but fertile, and we are enthusiastic. We are going to get comfortable with mud and grubs this year. We are going to try to produce almost all of our vegetables for our family.  Two saddleback pigs are on their way to our back yard so we can have home-grown meat, reduce our waste and be in control of what we are consuming.

Obviously i will be posting our progress and if we have any tips then i will surely let you know.

I am all about keeping food simple, enjoyable and delicious. I would love to get people back into the kitchen for the right reason and i would love families to sit around the table and enjoy not only the food but also the company. It is good to stop and relax, and to enjoy each others company as time goes by too fast!

We only cook within our Southern season and we proudly make everything from scratch. 


This year has proven to be another year of intense learning on my part.  I have kept up my mission of wanting to get people to cook and too cook with local and seasonal produce.
These are just a few things which fill my day as well as my three little children!

  • ALISON LAMBERT COOKING CLASSES are up and running again – where Vanguard Cafe
  • I give out weekly cooking demonstrations at the http://www.otagofarmersmarket.org.nz/ mobile kitchen which is proving to be hugely popular with a large gathering come sun or snow.  I talk to the vendors and find out what is happening in their orchards, paddocks vineyards or out to sea. I gather ingredients and create recipes which i think will get people excited.  I have tried to keep them simple, seasonal, delicious and importantly low cost.  I have created a huge array of recipes which you will find under the Otago Farmers Market posts, if you keep to the correct season you will be amazed at just how delicious food can taste.
  • I write a weekly recipe for the Otago Daily Times http://www.odt.co.nz/ where i celebrate seasonal produce.
  • I also write a monthly ‘family and friends’ feature in the Otago Daily Times where i share my love of great food but keeping it on a budget so we can all eat well.
  • I have written three books for the Otago Farmers Market http://www.otagofarmersmarket.org.nz/news/77/Otago-Farmers-Market-Cooking-Demonstration-for-the-21st-of-April-2012which are designed to give you a seasonal guide as to what is in season and how to store it.  Along with a collection of fabulous recipes.
  • I also have been teaching Professional Foods class at Queens High School in Dunedin for the past 4 years.  It is a year long course with City and Guilds and Unit standard qualifications awarded at the end of the year.  This is a great course as it is in a small environment open to adults as well as year 13 students.  I try to teach cookery in a realistic environment where you learn by example and your learn with the classics.
  • Cusine magazine is featuring me in Kitchen Confidental in December 2012 issue.
  • Adventure Aaron – catch and cook television program i will be featuring in espisode 12 http://adventureaaron.com/catchandcook/
  • I have written for Tourism Dunedin, insiders of Dunedin www.insidersdunedin.co.nz which is where i get to tell you of all things food related.
  • I am currently doing consultancy for a number of establishments in Dunedin. Most recent was Marbecks Foodstore.
  • I have been doing more and more appearances for local clubs and groups as a guest speaker. not only to promote whats great in food but to prove that you can do whatever you dream.

– contributing for DISH magazine is a fantastic opportunity and one that I hope will blossom over time into a great section of Dish.  This is a great tool for our many passionate, clever producers from our region as we do all the photos from Dunedin!

– i also write a little piece for INSIDERS DUNEDIN which is another great way for me to share with you all some of the great people who are constantly striving to produce exceptional products for us to enjoy.

– and yes i am still at the Otago Farmers Market every Saturday and i love it!


Thanks to Sarah Cowhey who week after week despite the horrid weather (at times) followed me around the market, listened to me endlessly talk of food and nothing else but food. Sarah approached me and from that first meeting we have worked together finding our direction and getting comfortable with one another.

I hope our short video gives you all some insight into our fabulous Otago Farmers Market and what really drives me week after week to get everyday people like yourselves wanting to go home and cook with everyday ingredients. As i say week after week – keep it seasonal, keep it local and keep it simple it is a recipe for fine food i promise!

Thanks once again Sarah it has been a pleasure and a big thank you to the Otago Farmers Market.

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